·        11 Jan 2005 the Boundary Commission published their recommendations for West Yorkshire .

·        Plan to abolish current constituency of Normanton and create a new constituency called Normanton and Pontefract (excluding the name of Castleford)

·        Leaves the Wakefield District with only 3 constituencies, creating one of the largest constituencies in the country.


Summer 2005 – Local inquiry  

·        The original review proposals were published in September 2004 and recommended the abolition of Normanton from the outset, with the electoral wards of Normanton and Whitwood & Altofts moving into the Pontefract & Castleford constituency.

·        A local inquiry over two weeks was carried out in the Summer of 2005 to hear views from local people on the proposals.

·        At this stage there was no indication or proposal for the name of Castleford to be removed from the constituency name.

·        Frances Patterson QC the Assistant Commissioner who carried out the inquiry proposed back to the Boundary Commission that the Wakefield District should retain 4 constituencies based on the evidence given.    


·        With almost 80,000 constituents the constituency would be one of the biggest in the country.

·        The district as a whole would be under-represented in parliament with only 3 MP’s instead of 4 MP’s

·        Why is the Boundary Commission ignoring the findings and recommendations of one of its own Assistant Commissioners at substantial public expense (£100k)? What a waste of public money!

·        Strong community and economic ties between Castleford, Pontefract and Knottingley.

·        Normanton looks much more towards Wakefield for hospital treatment, magistrate’s court and has a ‘Normanton’ edition of the Wakefield Express for example.

·        Castleford is the biggest town in the district, outside of Wakefield and demonstrates the complete lack of knowledge or understanding of our area by the Boundary Commission.

·        Castleford is arguably the fastest developing town in the district with plans for town centre and riverside regeneration, large-scale housing development at former Lambsons site and on going at Whitwood.

·        The site at Glasshoughton which includes Xscape, Junction 32 (formerly Freeport ), B&Q and a new rail terminal. Future plans include a new ASDA, Wakefield College expansion of 14-19 campus, Wakefield & District Housing HQ (WDH) and a new stadium for Castleford Tigers. This site is now a regional and national destination for many visitors!

·        Historic Roman settlement and history, birthplace of Henry Moore, rich industrial heritage of coal, pottery, glass, etc and home of the Castleford Tigers the biggest professional sports club in the district and known far and wide for achievements in rugby league.

I am sure there are many more reasons, but these are just a few of the main ones.

We need as many organisations and individuals as possible to write to the Boundary Commission calling on the them to accept the original proposals set out in the Assistant Commissioners report retaining the 4 constituencies and setting out a the community arguments listed above and any more you think are valid.

Please send your views to:

The Boundary Commission for England
PO Box 31060

Tel 020 7533 5174

Fax 020 7533 5176

or Email


For further information visit the website where forms can also be downloaded or call Bill on 01977 558458 or Mark on 01977 550678 for more details.

While sending a copy of the objection letter is better than doing nothing, all these letters are seen as just one objection. It is far more effective to actually type your own letter as these are seen as one objection in its own right. To this end, we have created a blank template letter for your use and you can use any or all of the above points to form your own personal letter of objection - thus having more impact and strengthening our cause.

Click here for a blank letter template with relevant address 

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