After beating the proposal to build a re-cycling plant on Wheldon Road in 2006, we are now faced with a similar problem which will no doubt have an unbelievably negative effect on the area.

Clean Power Properties and Network Rail Infrastructure have submitted plans for an energy recovery centre just off Wheldon Road in Castleford. The plant would burn up to 195,000 tonnes of industrial and residential waste per year and be in operation 24 hours a day. 

Their trump card is that they can use the environmental argument of renewable energy and re-cycling and as this seems to be a Govenment directive, they seem to be able to ride rough-shod over planning worries. This makes this fight all the more difficult.

Several local groups in Castleford have been busy rounding up support and at a meeting on Monday 24th February, it was felt that a 'United' front to deal with this issue would be most beneficial and 'Castleford United' was woken up to hopefully slay another giant!

It is believed that over 100 lorries full of waste will feed the site each day and it was also expressed by local councilors that as the area already has sufficient waste disposal capacity, the majority of the waste the site would need to remain profitable would be brought in from outside the area.

We do not believe we are a dumping ground and the additional traffic, noise and pollution would be detrimental to the area and its residents. There seems to have been little or no public consultation on the matter, this is endorsed by the fact that not one single public comment was made!

So, we have to act now if we don't wish to see our town and outlying area turned into a huge rubbish tip.

Please take the time to look at the links below, there is some very interesting reading.

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